Oman Olympic Academy to benefit sports administration, says Kishry

December 04, 2018

H E Sheikh Saad al Saadi (left) unveils the Oman Olympic Academy plaque at the OOC headquarters on Monday

It was a project that was conceived four years ago by the Oman Olympic Committee (OOC) under its then chairman Khalid al Zubair. On Monday, the ambitious project - Oman Olympic Academy (OOA) – was finally inaugurated at the OOC headquarters, marking a new chapter in the history of Oman Olympic sports.

H E Sheikh Saad al Saadi, the Minister of Sports Affairs, inaugurated the OOA in the presence of Zubair, former OOC chief, Sheikh Saif al Hosni, the acting OOC chairman, Taha al Kishry, the OOC secretary-general, and other senior sports officials.

Speaking on the occasion, Kishry said, “I am really happy to see the academy open. We have worked hard to make it happen and it took nearly four years to finally launch it. We have been organising courses and workshops over the past couple of years to prepare ourselves for the academy. The academy will benefit Oman sports in a big way as it will provide courses and training for Omanis, which will benefit sports administration.”

The OOC secretary-general said, “Be it clubs, associations, coaches and administrators, all will have an opportunity to better their skills through the Oman Olympic Academy. The goal is to groom sports administrators and coaches so that Oman sports can develop and move in the right direction.”

“We have already announced that there would be 12 courses offered at the academy in 2019. These would be in the field of sports adminstration, sports finance, media management and social media, solidarity courses for coaches in  handball and hockey,” he added.

MoU with Qatar National Academy

Kishry said that the OOA will soon sign a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Qatar National Academy in Doha, Qatar, though the OOC has been in touch with the Qatar counterparts over the past few months.

“We also plan to tie up with few universities in future. The academy will have its own governing board in future but for now, experienced OOC official, Ishaq al Balushi, will hold the charge of the academy,” said Kishry.

He also said that the OOA plans to open a sports museum in future with tie-ups with other leading sports museums from across the world.

Earlier the OOA was inaugurated by H E Saadi, who unveiled the OAA plaque at the OOC headquarters.

The acting OOC chief, Hosni said, “We believe that the Oman Olympic Academy will propagate the Olympic values and principles among the various sports segments of the society through various programmes.

“The OOA is a result of a strong cooperation between the OOC and other stakeholders, including the Ministry of Sports Affairs and the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). We are proud to have strong relation based on mutual trust.”