Oman Road Cycling Race 2018: Rawahi, Robynn claim top honours

November 26, 2018

Riders competing in the 100km Oman Road Cycling Race

Moosa Khalfan al Rawahi and Robynn Pollard claimed the top honours in the 100km Oman Road Cycling Race 2018, which was held to mark the 48th National Day of Oman, on Saturday.

Organised by Excellence Performance Sports Management, the race witnessed five categories with 117 cyclists competing for the titles over 100km in four categories – men open, youth, masters (above 40 years) and women. There was also a 45km race for juniors.

Eighty seven of the 117 cyclists finished the respective races.


The race was flagged off at Amerat Public Park by H E Ahmed al Mashari, Majlis Shura member from Amerat.

Rashid al Kindi, director of Excellence Performance, said, “We plan to make this event an annual affair if we get the necessary permission in future.”

The race was supervised by Saud al Rawahi, a senior cycling official from Oman.


100km results (top three): Men Open: 1 Moosa al Rawahi (2hrs:21m.22s), 2 Mohammed al Shandudi (2:21.25), 3 Emil Pablo (2:21.25).

Masters: 1 Neil Coxon (2:21.27), Samuel Catambay (2:21.28), 3 Simeon Gelacio (2:24.49).

Youth: Mohammed Alaali (2:21.25), 2 Ahmed Madna (2:21.28), 3 Ahmed al Dugaishi (2:28.47).

Women: 1 Robynn Pollard (2:43.41), 2 Lorretta Stringer (2:43.50), 3 Anne Kha (2:43.51).

45km Junior: Munther al Hasani (1:14.06), 2 Gilbert Fancourt (1:14.07), 3 Waleed al Fahdi (1:14.07).