Building mobile apps online

February 21, 2011

When the Internet started reaching consumers ten years back, it was essential for every business owner to have a website to show their products and an e-mail for communication.

Nowadays, with the domination of smart phones and the applications market with each platform, it is essential too for every brand to be available in these markets too.

The applications available in different app markets are not necessarily complicated programmes as the name suggests, it may be just a simple catalog for the company products, an optimised website contained within the app or just a one-page app that contains contact details or so.

Doing such simple apps could cost a lot because it is still considered an ‘app’ by developers, even though it is a very simple one. At the same time, it is a must-have, no doubt.

While there are tens of alternative solutions to make an app without any interaction with developers, most of them have many disadvantages and limits.

But finally there is one online solution called MobiFlex, which will make the dream of making your own app come true with immediate results.

MobiFlex, which was launched recently, lets you create your own complete mobile app for  most popular smartphones like iPhone and Android without any need for prior knowledge of programming or mobile apps development. With numerous features included, I’m thrilled to see such a product available for everyone through their website only, with no need to download or set up any additional plug-ins to your browsers.

After creating your account and logging in, you will be presented with ready-made templates to help start creating your app. It is as easy as creating a PowerPoint presentation.

You start by designing the structure of your app by dragging and dropping the appropriate forms - text fields, text area, labels, buttons and images.

Then you have to set the actions of where each button will take the user to, same as the native iPhone or Android development but with zero coding.

After setting up everything from the design of the pages to the links between them, you have to configure how the app will deal with the data if you are expecting the user to upload something.

What makes MobiFlex superior to others is that the apps can use native resources such as GPS, the camera and can access back-end data using standard SQL databases to let you retrieve and send data from the phone to the web server again without typing any line of code. Just adjusting the visual building blocks will do the job.

The final step is to download the ready app to your smart phone. It currently supports the iPhone, iPad and Android, and soon BlackBerry touch screen-enabled devices will be included.

You can start using the service after creating a free account from the address The portal service is free for 30 days for designing and testing the apps but once deployed, there is a small monthly fee.

And don’t let the not well designed MobiFlex website disappoint you, this service really works.

But note that if you are looking for a custom or a bit advanced app, or are trying to transform your idea of the next hit app into a reality, this service won't satisfy you and certainly you will need to deal with a developer for that.