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February 21, 2011

If you own a small business or you work as a freelancer, you probably had difficulties managing your clients’ billing and couldn’t find time to create good looking invoices.

But because it is what matters the most, CurdBee is a web-based application dedicated to help you in achieving that in a simple but effective way. No need to install any software on your desktop.

Although there are plenty of products that do the same job, I directly felt comfortable when I started using CurdBee (despite the service debatable name). The clean user interface stands out among other similar services.

Registration is free and it won’t take much time. It will begin to impress you when you scroll among the supported currencies and find that your local currency is available. I usually struggle at this point when I am trying to find it either in billing applications or any budget management service.

Once registered and logged in, you will be presented to your dashboard, which will contain sample data to show you how it will look like after starting to use the service with your real data.

The main page of your account is divided into three main sections: invoices, clients and items.

From the invoice page you will see all your issued invoices with the most important details where it is possible to filter certain ones if you have many to fit in one page.

The clients’ section is for adding new clients or editing the existing one. Adding not their name only, but their complete details even with the address and the country, perfect for freelancers online.

While there is a separate section to add your clients to make its usage easy, CurdBee made it possible to add any new client on the go while creating a new invoice and it will appear under your clients later. Items are your products where you can identify them by entering their name, description and unit price.

The standard free edition of CurdBee will match most of your needs and you can use it without any restriction, it allows you to create unlimited invoices, add your own logo, accept payment, supports multiple currencies and take backups of your data.

But you can take full advantage of it by paying a very reasonable fee for using your own domain name, counting taxes and discounts, secure connection to PDF support and pro accounts will be given more support priority.

The most amazing feature in CurdBee is the ability to let your clients pay the bill online using PayPal or Google checkout once you link with your merchant account in one of them or both.

And to extend the functionality of the service, there are additional modules and upgrades available and ready to be added. Like the ‘estimates’ module for managing estimates or the ‘Recurring Billing’ module to adjust a periodic invoices to your clients.

The simplicity of CurdBee will make the experience enjoyable without losing the professional feel of the service, it reduces the time taken in billing and invoicing work.

However, you should keep in mind that this service is aimed at freelancers and small businesses owners (its founders are developers and designers themselves), therefore don’t expect a lot of tools for advanced tasks. There are many more services for bigger businesses.

But what is offered by CurdBee for free or a minimum monthly fees for good basic features is more than suitable and will fit your basic needs.