Discovering Your Talents

May 07, 2015

You might have sat down one day on your couch and thought, “What am I really good at?” You might have written down a list of what you think your talents and skills might possibly be.

It could be that you are excellent in sports, mathematics, physics, arts, cooking and other skills.

Some people tend to discover their skills and abilities at an early age. Whereas others may realise later in life (during higher education) what the real talents they truly possess are. It takes practical experience and an expert to push the buttons and help you discover what you are capable of.

So what are the keys to unlocking the secret talents within you? If you are a student or employed and thinking of switching careers, then the first thing you need to do is visit experts in career development. They are known as career counsellors or coaches. They help and guide you in the career guidance process, for instance, with career choice, job searching, learning how to write a CV or résumé and providing counselling sessions alongside.

During career development, these experts tend to use psychometric assessments which measures three things in a person: Knowledge, personality, and abilities.

From the assessments, it is possible to see which profession matches with one’s talents and personality.

When one discovers his or her talent, this motivates them to excel in it. They will go on to explore what areas they can utilise their skills in. For example, you may have great talents in fixing computers that have software or even hardware problems.

You would therefore pursue to become either an IT technician/analyst or electronic engineer. The more you engage in your talent, the more you want to be successful in it and excel.

There are many ways of exploring your talents. It will take some work and effort. Below are some ways for you to explore and discover your abilities.

Be open to all paths: Open your mind to the possibilities. Talent is not limited to cooking and knowing how to use a guitar. For instance, being able to solve problems quickly is a terrific talent one can possess.

Reflecting on your past: Asking yourself “What have I done that makes me proud?” or “When was the last time I won a basketball match?”

Thinking about what you enjoy the most: Thinking about all that you love to do. Write them down if possible.

Differentiating between your talents and interests: This is where most people find difficulties. One needs to distinguish between interests and talents, as interests are what you like and love to do whereas talents are what you are good at doing. Write them down and evaluate your talents to see how they fit with your interests.