File sharing website

February 01, 2011

The availability of high-speed Internet across the globe has changed how we deal with data. Now it is up to your Internet connection speed to decide if you should get the weekend movie online or go to the nearest rental shop and grab that Oscar nominated film, if you are lucky enough to find it.

The same debate holds when you want to send some files to your friends in the same city. Is it worth the time and damage to mother nature by the pollution from your car? Of course, sending files by e-mail is the ideal solution when the size of content is small.

As most e-mail service providers do not allow big e-mail attachments to be sent, it is necessary to know that even if your e-mail provider allows you to send a large attachment, it is quite likely that the recipient won’t be able to receive it.

Therefore, websites that allow big files to be uploaded have been set up so users can send them by e-mail or even share them on discussion forums and social networking websites. There are tonnes of such websites offering to save your files free of charge for simple usage, and charging a small monthly fee for heavy usage.

When choosing a service, it is important to take the following points into consideration: Obviously, the first factor to be taken into consideration is the allowed size of the uploaded file. Most websites allow a minimum 100MB per transfer, which is sufficient for normal usage, and a few allow a crazy storage capacity of up to 2GB, like (

While the allowed size of the file may seem to be the most important factor to take into account when choosing a service, it is not. The availability of the file on the server is more important. You cannot expect the recipient to download the file the same day, or even the next, so four to five days are enough for most cases. But if you want a whole week’s time, Senduit ( offers just that.

Hotfile ( is the best among the others and worthy of mention, because free users can upload file sizes of up to four times more than similar services, and it keeps the files for 90 days. WeTransfer ( has a very simple interface with the ability to upload files of up to 2GB. But as the flash-based website supposedly offers more reliable transfer of files, it may create an accessibility problem on some Web browsers.

4shared ( is probably the most popular service because it is mostly used in discussion forums. However, I do not like it much because of the cluttered interface. But their extended support for different mobile platforms like the iPhone, Android, Symbian and BlackBerry has forced me to reconsider it several times while travelling.

TransferBigFiles ( is another service for sending big files to anyone. What makes it unique is not the easy to remember name, but two things: It has a dedicated application for Windows users where they can drag and drop, organise and carry out multiple transfers. And its iPhone App allow you to upload full-quality HD videos from your device without compressing them, which is a first, as there was no way to upload uncompressed videos from iPhones before this.
The list of similar websites can go into several pages, but you would be better off using the popular services for the sake of data safety.