New Year Goals

January 09, 2014

I never quite understood myself that well, here I am at the prosperous age of 19 and all I seem to do these days is go about that familiar routine of study, eat, socialise and sleep.

Where have all my grand plans of becoming a youth leader gone to? And how come when people ask me what am I planning to do with my CBE bachelor’s degree, I seem to stumble with 'ahh’s..' and 'umm’s' sounding very much lost?

I was initially shocked while cleaning my cabinet, I found a list of scribbled resolutions of 2011 and that is when I realised two things:
A) My handwriting is the same as it was when I was 15 years old.
B) I did a great job of attaining my 2011 goals. But here I am older, and supposedly wiser and I have lost my inner motivation to create a resolution list after the age of 15.

And I think this happens with a lot of us as we just trickle through life and postpone any needed changes till later (the later that never comes).
Technically speaking this is my last teenage year, and here is when I need to make myself more accountable by committing to constantly aspire for a better version of myself.

And that is when I decided to get off my bed and make a list of things I want to achieve in 2014, which certainly made me feel a whole lot better about myself, here I share a list of my soon to be 'achievements', in the hopes that it would inspire others to create a list of their own:
1) Learn what exactly I want to do with my degree once I graduate
2)Construct a five-year plan of my goals and tag a timeline to each goal.
3) Read Harry Potter (I know it’s ironic I haven’t read it considering how much I read)
4) Learn how to master the art of making a great biryani
5) Get back to playing tennis regularly
6) Exercise more (And no I don’t mean just climbing the stairs to my chemistry classes)
7) Join an NGO and be passionate about it
8) Volunteer more
9) Learn sign language (Why not?)
10) Visit Spain (long shot, but I still want it in this list)
11) Be more aware of local, national and global issues
12) Ride a horse (because I only remember riding a camel)
13)Write a scholarly article that is not required for a class
14) Watch the complete Eyes on the Prize documentary series
15)Make it a habit to complete reading the Q'uran every month
16)Donate money every month to a charity of my choice
17) Learn embroidery

Disclaimer: This list is ongoing, flexible and could possibly extend to pages. And even though some of those resolutions sound as simple as riding a horse, but I think our resolutions should be realistic as well as ambitious. With that being said, I will try my very best to stick to my list and celebrate every time I manage to scratch one goal off.

Farewell 2013, you have been great and full of challenges! But it’s time to embrace the power of new beginnings that come with new years. Hello 2014!