Opera Review

February 16, 2011

Web browsers are not just an application to surf the Internet anymore, they are the main element in our online experience, with all the computing on the cloud that has begun to emerge.

As we are connected to the Internet 24x7, Google is now working on an operating system based on a web browser. A no files system, nothing similar to what we are using now, just a light OS to grant users instant access to online services.

Therefore, if you spend a big chunk of your day online, you should spend a little more time on finding out the best tools, mainly the best web browser, to do your job.

However, there is no such thing as the perfect web browser. It depends on your needs, but I can safely say that the latest version of the Opera browser is close to achieving that distinction.

A lot of people took a stand against Opera in the past year because of the continuous worthless requests from the European Commission, as part of the order over an antitrust suit.

It seems the company is very proud of its product and wanted to give the users more choice, knowing that a lot of them would prefer Opera over other browsers.

After all these years, and mainly because previous versions did not support Arabic text well, I thought I would give the latest version a try. I can confidently say it is a brilliant, clean and stable browser loaded with the most important features, and supports the latest web standards.

It is available on multiple platforms including Mac, PC and Linux computers, mobile phones, game consoles, and other devices like the Nintendo Wii, DS and more.

One of the main reasons this browser should be tried is that Opera Software, the company behind it, is a dedicated company for browser software, unlike Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome and Apple's Safari.

You will feel the difference with Opera, starting from the smooth page scrolling and comfortable web surfing. Features like preview thumbnails of opened tabs, mouse gestures, BitTorrent download manager, speed dialling for your favourite websites and the smart address field may be available for other browsers as add-ons, but in

Opera it is all integrated into one package. Usually, when I set up Firefox on a new computer, I take some time to customise it with some add-ons to suit my usage needs, but I felt that Opera is perfect in this regard.

Moreover, it offers a whole new experience in web browsing, like the Web Widgets for small tasks as a separate application, like a Twitter client or email notifier.

Opera Turbo boosts your Internet speed on slow connections by using its own proxy servers to compress data traffic before it sends it to the Opera browser on your computer.

And their mobile phone browsers Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are dominating the mobile phone arena. Opera Mini alone reached 50mn users this year as the company is promising a first class mobile browser. It lives up to its promises, with the great saving feature to reduce data charges.

Opera is the perfect web browser for any user, beginner or advanced. It is like Firefox with all the add-ons and essential features, and you get it all in one package for free.