Pursue dreams, reignite passions

April 12, 2017

Once in a blue moon, a pink moon appears and that happened last night. Ala the ‘blue’ moon which does not have anything to do with the actual colour of the moon, the ‘pink’ moon also did not don a rosy shade as the name seems to suggest.

The name, however, is derived from the timing of this full moon, which heralds the appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox – one of the first spring flowers and the moon represents focusing on new and exciting things that could bloom up in our lives this season.

The full moon in April is significant because “cosmically, it is all coming together - wildish energy, unavoidable challenge, self-doubt, reaffirmation, and renewal.” It is also the harbinger of the festival season, beginning with Hanuman Jayanti which is celebrated on the full moon day to commemorate the birth of Lord Sri Hanuman, who is famously venerated throughout India. It also welcomes the festival of Easter, celebrated by Christians for the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, and is also linked to the Jewish Passover by much of its symbolism.

It is thus the time for the Easter bunny to be scampering around hiding those eggs, which like the pink moon not being pink, are now eggs which are not actually eggs as the modern custom is to substitute the eggs with chocolate eggs wrapped in colourful foil, or plastic eggs filled with confectionery.

As the rising of the Pink Moon is supposedly a time to pursue our dreams and reignite our passions, the ‘Sweet Therapie’ group decided to have its meditation session on the beach in our complex, and I was allowed to tag along, to gaze at the moon and meditate on the amazing bounties of nature. And as one heard the gentle lapping of the waves and saw the glorious moon reflected in the calm and placid water of the sea, the serenity made one count our blessings.

How extremely fortunate we are to experience the bliss of the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not be overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Thank you Neha and Lubna for an amazing ‘mindfulness’ experience! One wishes that the calm and serenity being experienced here would spread across the seas, and the mayhem which has now permeated through the world and has usurped the minds of even the sane, would somehow stop.

Irrespective of who actually did it, the recent use of the chemical weapons in Syria was inhumane and the retribution resulting in the loss of innocent lives was equally abominable. Why don’t all the leaders of these rogue and not-so-rogue regimes flex their muscles in private and sort out their issues either in a boxing ring or on the golf course, and let the winner take it all? That will at least save the innocent from dying a horrible and untimely death.

Wake up, all you supposedly guardians of peace, and end this absolutely gruesome tragedy that is unfolding across the globe! The terror attacks over the last fortnight in Egypt, Sweden, Somalia, Australia, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan have only added to the gloom one has been experiencing, after having bid adieu to a dear friend who relocated to Delhi after 32 years in Oman.

The pain did not lessen even though we were one of the winners in the golf - game played in his honour. And neither did the fact that Sergio Garcia won the Masters the day before, after pipping Justin Rose to the post. He has now claimed his first ever major in 74 attempts, and despite the fact that he had given me his autographed cap, after he had played a round in our Club here in Muscat, has not helped much in lifting my spirits.

However, watching on TV, Garcia’s fiancée Angela Akins jumping up to congratulate him was some sort of relief for sore eyes, even though the BBC coverage of the event by Peter Alliss caused a sexism row by referring to her short skirt…he wasn’t really pulling her leg though! And before I sign off, a few random thoughts: u Do you know that if you have nothing to say, you should say nothing? u Do you know that if you have money to burn, you will make an ash of yourself? u Do you know that cosmetic surgeons are always making mountains out of molehills? Till next fortnight... .