Use of bookmarks

February 16, 2011

I always wonder why people spend time chasing new technologies, especially when they cannot make use of the tools already in their possession. Even the smallest of tools can have a big impact if we use them on a daily basis.

Bookmarks is one such facility – we can add our favourite websites to the bookmarks for use in the future. But I recently realised that Internet users are not interested in using bookmarks because it is only a temporary facility.

All favourite websites stored in bookmarks are lost if a person is required to format his Windows. I don't have statistics to support my point that people are reluctant to use bookmarks.

But for me bookmarks is very important and it is the second most important thing after emails. It may surprise you, but the fact is that I have over 2,000 bookmarks organised in my browser. I just cannot work on the Internet without this facility.

You need a solution to synchronise all your bookmarks, if you depend on bookmarks and at the same time if you use more than one computer. There are several solutions available in the market and the most popular software brand available in the market is Xmarks.

Formerly known as fox-marks, as it was initially a Firefox plugin, Xmarks is a tool that automatically synchronizes and saves your bookmarks online. Irrespective of whether you are using Firefox, Chrome or even the Internet Explorer, you can link your bookmarks stored in local computers to Xmarks servers.

After installing the appropriate plug-in for your browser, you will find the software working seamlessly. Even without installing the plug-in, you can access your bookmarks online if you are travelling and away from the desktop computer.

You can even name, edit and delete the websites listed in bookmarks in your computer at home. Mobile version is also available for use in both smart and simple phones. For details, visit

One of the features included in Xmarks is the profile. It gives you control over the bookmarks you wanted to synchronise – different profiles for one in office and for the one at home. To protect your sensitive data, Xmarks provides an option to encrypt your bookmarks while syncing.

You can also share a specific folder with your friends so that they can use your bookmarks. Xmarks has improved the bookmarking experience through use of tags.

For example, when you try to save a new bookmark, it will extract the repeated words in the page and depending on the tags suggested by other users, it will let you choose from them.

Xmarks also offers a SmarterSearch, which will highlight the top sites in your search based on the ratings given by other users. Its SiteInfo facility will give you a detailed information about the websites you are browsing. This is one useful application of cloud computing. The main thing is it gives you the total freedom .