Weight watching

April 22, 2013

“It would be good if you could lose 20kg, Mr Nick,” said the kind doctor. “You are carrying too much around your tummy.” Of course I agreed with him - futile to argue, with the evidence on show - but I did point out that it had all been caused by my eating exploits as judge for the Oman2Day Restaurant Awards.

I rushed home to discuss the matter with Management. “How much is 20kg in real money?” I asked. “Think of bags of sugar,” she replied. “That’s 44lbs.” I gasped for breath. “There will be nothing left of me,” I exclaimed, thinking perhaps sugar might have been one of the problems. No more early morning doughnuts for me.

It is quite interesting chatting to friends about weight watching. All the males smile, agree that something needs to be done, state that they must also cut down and eat better things, and then go back to their cups of coffee and sticky cakes. The females are different, offering helpful advice, and lots of it. “Welcome to my world,” said one.

I did some research on the Internet. There are so many websites advising diets, exercise routines, and health tips. I didn’t like the one that confirmed I am in the obese category. I moved quickly on to another.

I have decided that the answer is a mixture of a number of things. I am going to eat fresher and better food (if I can find it in the shops…). Management is a wonderfully creative cook and if we can get the ingredients we will eat more fresh fish, nice vegetables, and tasty wholesome things. I am sure salads can be exciting - it is all in the head, I guess. I am cutting down on portion size and caffeine. I am cutting out cheese, processed food, bad fats, salt wherever I can, and of course doughnuts. Bread will be strictly rationed. I often have lunch with my friend David, who has said, sympathetically, that he will have the same as me: although in the first few days this promise has not been working so well. And I have decided to have a month drinking only liquids that are good for my body, avoiding those that make me befuddled. I don’t smoke so nothing to change there.

I also need to improve the amount of exercise I do - so I am now to be seen plodding along Shatti promenade most evenings. I hope to increase my speed over the next few weeks. I am going to try to use the buggy a little less on the golf course, although the summer heat is working against me just now. I really don’t like the gym very much, all that running to get nowhere has never been my idea of fun, but I might have to introduce that if everything else gets to hot to bear. I wish I were a better swimmer: but I tend to go around in circles, which can be awkward with others in the pool.

It is time for me to make more of a priority of looking after what I eat and drink, and how active I am. For all of you with the same challenges, good luck, let’s swap notes in a few months.