More than 45,000 flood victims impacted through Aster Volunteers programme in India

August 22, 2019

Aster Volunteers programme is committed to relief work across Kerala and Kolhapur which have recently witnessed massive flood devastation

UAE/ GCC, 20 August, 2019: With heavy rainfall across India causing huge damages, individuals and groups have sprung to action offering a helping hand to the victims. One such group to offer tremendous support in Kolhapur and Kerala is Aster Volunteers - the global corporate social responsibility programme of Aster DM Healthcare – one of the largest integrated healthcare service providers in GCC and an emerging healthcare player in India. Over 45,000 lives have been impacted by Aster Volunteers during this year’s flood across Kerala and Kolhapur till date and the efforts are still continuing.

Kolhapur: 8,000 lives impacted

Nearly 500 Aster Volunteers from Aster Aadhar Hospital conducted relief efforts when the city was affected by floods, distributing 400 food packets daily. A total of 12,000 flood victims were provided food packets during the flood-heavy days. In addition to this, 35 relief camps were held and eight ambulances were on-field treating patients throughout the eight flood-heavy days. The volunteers also provided medical aid to the needy, thus ensuring healthcare services for the flood-affected victims.

For this, Aster Volunteers worked closely with Kolhapur Municipal Corporation and District Disaster Authority Government of Maharashtra. Aster Aadhar Hospital is the first healthcare institution in Maharashtra to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with District Disaster Authority, Government of Maharashtra.


Kerala: 37,000 lives impacted

With more than 600 Aster Volunteers deployed in the flood-affected areas of Kerala like Malapuram, Wayanad, Calicut, Kannoor and Kochi, the team has impacted more than 37,000 people. Through 30 relief camps and 63 medical camps and round-the-clock ambulance services on field, Aster Volunteers focused on disease prevention in the flood affected cities.

Apart from the healthcare services, the members of Aster Volunteers distributed other humanitarian aid including rice, food packets, a large volume of medicines, drinking water, clothes, bedsheets, floor mats, mops, chlorine tablets and more in various flood affected areas.

This is the second year that flood relief efforts are being conducted by Aster Volunteers in India. Last year when the Kerala floods left thousands of people homeless, Aster Volunteers were the first responders on ground to provide medical and humanitarian aid. This was followed by the launch of the Aster Homes initiative which aimed to provide 250 homes to those who lost everything. The first set of houses are now in the process of being handed over.